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Monday, January 19, 2009

NYT Loves Philly Beer

In the most recent display of the New York Time's love affair with Philadelphia, Betsy Andrews highlights our awesome beer scene. PBC, Yards and Dock Street all get shout-outs, either in the article or the accompanying slide show.

While the article brings up how Philly bars are fostering local beer manufacturing, it fails to mention the strength of our accompanying bar food scene. Yeah, yeah, I know it was an article about beer, but I think that the strength of our bar food (awesome burgers, mac & cheese's, even interesting salads) is something else that sets our drinking scene apart from that of other cities.

For instance, my afternoon of watching the Eagles game yesterday at the South Philly Tap Room included good local beer and a really great bacon cheeseburger. My out-of-town guests fell in love with their baby spinach salads, covered with candied walnuts, pomegranate seeds and a chunky blue cheese.

I guess NYT just needs to write another article.


K said...

I suppose this is a nice article in some sense, but it feels AWFULLY patronizing, like Philly suddenly has 3 or 4 breweries and it's SUCH a big deal to us.

Whereas in truth, I believe Philly has gone from 8-12 to 20-30 in the last decade, and they're ALL brewing something interesting.

And really, since when was Mt. Airy an "eco-minded neighborhood west of Center City!?" What, because the rich parts of Mt. Airy have big lawns?

Meh, I'd never expect a new yorker to get it anyway....

kitchenplay said...

Yeah, I can see what you mean... it's like, "oh, provincial Philadelphia... you're doing such NEAT things these days!"

But any publicity is good publicity, right?