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Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Stuffalo, kitchenplay style

by daniel k, kitchenplay guestblogger, and kp

A couple of months ago, our friend Samara shared a table in a crowded Fairmount-area coffee shop with a stranger. Casual conversation ensued and an idea was shared... a culinary creation oozing with the influence of our Dominos-inspired food culture: the Stuffalo, a pizza with a crust stuffed with Buffalo chicken. It was inspired.

Or so the story goes…

Who was that mystery man? Could he have been one of the members behind the Stuffalo pizza at Meal Ticket, only unveiled yesterday? Is it possible that our destinies were linked over many months, leading to this week: the week that both teams independently brought The Stuffalo to life?

Or was it someone else entirely? Someone who has been making The Stuffalo all along, in total anonymity?

Regardless, after much talk about the Stuffalo in our friend circle, we here at the kitchenplay test kitchen decided to make The Stuffalo last weekend during an outing to the Poconos. While we considered going the route of breaded buffalo chicken, we opted instead to stuff the crust with a mixture inspired by North Carolina pork barbecue: slow-cooked, shredded dark-meat chicken and diced onions, marinated in Buffalo sauce.

The real debate, however, concerned what pizza toppings would go well with the aggressive flavor of The Stuffalo crust. A Buffalo-style pizza with Buffalo sauce and blue cheese would simply be too much. But a standard red pizza would be too sweet. We decided to do a white pizza topped with six cheeses, caramelized onions and a bit of oregano. And the result was amazing.

I hope the Meal Ticket team gets a look at our version. We should do a Stuffal-off! Or combine forces to create the Ultimate Stuffalo!

The kitchenplay Stuffalo
1 lb dark meat chicken, slow-cooked and shredded
1 onion, diced
Buffalo sauce
Pizza dough
4 oz. Crème fraiche
2 tbsp cream or milk
Assorted cheeses, shredded (mozz, parm, provolone, fontina, Romano and asiago)
1 onion, diced and caramelized

Preheat oven to 375. Combine the chicken and onion with enough Buffalo sauce to coat thoroughly. Roll out the pizza dough, leaving about an inch hanging off the edges (this will allow you to roll the dough over the stuffing to form the crust). Spoon stuffing around the edge of the pizza and fold the excess dough over the stuffing, pressing down to seal dough. Combine the crème fraiche and the cream or milk and spread over the pizza. Top with the shredded cheeses, caramelized onions and oregano. Drizzle the top, if you’d like, with a bit of Buffalo sauce. Bake for 20-25 mins, or until crust is golden-brown and cheeses bubbly.

Future ideas: in keeping with the Domino’s way, perhaps some kind of ranch or bleu cheese dipping sauce. Or baking crumbled bleu cheese directly in the crust.


Samara said...

In the interest of full disclosure, I should make it clear that the idea for Stuffalo (TM?) came fully from my tablemate, Mr. Jason Fetz. I merely expressed massive enthusiasm- and then proceeded to drop the ball on him. But I'm glad to see that the Stuffalo is being brought to life. And I will follow the outcome of Stuffalo-offs with bated breath.

(and can I assume that the NC bbq version is an homage to my roots?)

Michael Greenberg said...

What was your dough recipe? Looks very light and airy.

kitchenplay said...

Samara... I wonder if Daniel's decision to reference NC BBQ came from his own NC roots... just sayin' ;)

Mike... the dough was store bought. Daniel got it, likely from Wegman's where most of the weekend's shopping was done...

I need to get Daniel on board to answer these questions!

Alice said...

It was Wegmans dough - I was there; I can attest to it.

The buffalo sauce (quite tasty!) was also from Wegmans.

kitchenplay said...

Is anyone else wondering why no one from the Meal Ticket team has commented?