it's okay to play with your food

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Have You Missed Me?

It's been well over two months since my last post. Did I lose my love for food, for cooking with others, for playing in the kitchen? Not exactly. I will confess that I have been on the sadder side of things lately and part of me hasn't been as excited to get my hands dirty in the kitchen. More often than not, cooking - baking in particular - have offered comfort (or at least distraction) for me when things were tough. So this recent cooking dry spell feels alien, likely influenced as much by the intense winter weather as by happenings in my personal life.

Rather than keep lamenting my lack of creative juices, both in the kitchen and on the blog, I need to start posting again, even if it is accomplished in a super uncreative way. Let me share some of the things that have been keeping my belly full and my taste buds tantalized. Yup, I'm giving you a list. Love it.

The Lockhart at Percy Street BBQ, in honor of Daniel's birthday
Many roast chickens, including one cooked by Mike in a clay pot
Soup dumplings at Dim Sum Garden
Brunches at Green Eggs Cafe
Plans for beef bourguinon and chocolate ginger scones at the Poconos this weekend (remember the Stuffalo adventure from last year?)
Beef short ribs for Christmas dinner
Roasted Brussels sprouts

It's a start.

P.S. And I've missed all of you.