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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Crush of the Month: Rachel Maddow

What can't Rachel Maddow do?

Rhodes Scholar, AIDS activist, Air America show host, MSNBC superstar show host... smart, funny, attractive and just plain adorable... AND she loves making classic cocktails!

How can I get her to a SPEC meeting??? Preferably as my date...???

Last week, NY Magazine taped Maddow showing off her mad(dow) skillz* while making a Jack Rose cocktail. Jack Rose is a mix of Apple Jack Brandy or Calvados, grenadine and lime juice. She talks about shaking it till "it's too cold to hold" while wearing those adorugly glasses... swoon!!!

Enjoy the link above.

* yeah, yeah, bad pun, I know...


Sarah Noble said...

I had heard about her love of cocktails, and I would be so excited if she even knew about SPEC!

kitchenplay said...

I know, I know! And I'm going to post another video from her soon too.