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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend in Review

Friday: Delicious dinner at Pumpkin... braised pork belly, lamb and olive oil cake with sheep's milk ice cream.

Saturday: Asian pear brioche from Fork etc. for breakfast and homemade roasted root vegetables and spicy roasted chicken for dinner (with Ghiradelli brownies for dessert).

Sunday: Homemade pancakes with sauteed apples and eggs with caramelized onions and roasted tomatillos for brunch. Triple Chocolate cupcakes for Daniel's birthday.

Recipes forthcoming...


gr said...

Rats, if I'd known you were going to Pumpkin, I would have told you to say, "Hi," to Tim. (Swing by Phoebe's industry night, Mondays at the Ugly American, to meet him and his wife.)

gr said...

Whoops: Tim actually works at Cochon, he just *frequents* Pumpkin a lot. (But, hey, if you're hitting Cochon, let me know.)

kitchenplay said...

That's funny actually, only cause my date and I were choosing between Cochon and Pumpkin. I've been to Cochon already and really like it. I'll definitely let you know if it's on the agenda again. But yes, Pumpkin was excellent!