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Monday, February 16, 2009

Persian Love Cake... the Results

My new nickname is Love Cake, primarily a result of the success of the Persian Love (cup)Cakes I made this weekend.

I will definitely make this again; I've never had a cake quite like it. Especially warm out of the oven, they were so light and airy. The orange blossom substitution went well. The only thing I would change is the distribution of the cardamom seeds. I'll grind them a bit with a mortar and pestle next time, so they are more evenly distributed among the cupcakes. And I didn't get around to candying the rose petals, but I really liked how the chopped pistachios looked on top. (Photos by Lizzie Rothwell)

cupcakes playing backgammon (photo at left)


Lizzie said...

These cupcakes were stupidly good. They tasted like little clouds. And they went surprisingly well with backgammon.

e said...

The sound of this cake from your post last week had me drooling, seeing the results from today's post has me writing orange blossom water on my shopping list. Thanks!

kitchenplay said...

Thanks Lizzie!

And I'm so glad the recipe is inspiring, e. And please share any other good recipes you come across that use orange blossom water!

Alice said...

It looked like they were surprisingly good AT backgammon ;).

too bad you made these after the run for Orange Flower Water