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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crush of the Month: Valentine's Edition

Part 2 in the Valentine's Week Series

A sense of humor. That's what many women identify as one of the most essential qualities in a potential mate. I happen to fall into that category as well. That said, Sarah Haskins... would you be my Valentine?!?

Sarah Haskins is a comedian who hosts "Target:Women" on the Current network. On a weekly basis she calls out the absurd, insulting and often wildly sexual ways women are portrayed in the media. A lot of this "analysis" surrounds the way food is marketed to women.

If advertisers are to be believed, women are all on diets, orgasm to chocolate and dance wildly while eating yogurt.

Maybe the media isn't so far off the mark. I do like to eat healthily, I adore chocolate and yogurt is one of my favorite foods. But it's never made me dance. Maybe I'm eating the wrong brand?

Sarah's most recent video is on women and chocolate, which seems appropriate in the midst of the chocolateequalsloveandhopefullysexlateron holiday season. Enjoy! And boys, take notes!

(I'm having trouble embedding the video, so here is the link to the Current site.)

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