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Monday, July 20, 2009

The NoLibs Series

I haven’t been as busily posting on kitchenplay lately, in part because my duties as Volunteer Coordinator with the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival are gearing up. Live Arts is a two-week long theater and dance festival in September and about 200 volunteers help make it happen. As per my job title, I get to “coordinate” them.

The Live Arts main office just moved from Old City to Northern Liberties. So while my opportunities for blogging may dwindle as the festival nears, I want to take advantage of the new neighborhood by exploring all the fine food it has to offer. I don’t make it up to No Libs often, but that is about to change.

I ate at El Camino Real a few weeks ago and am going to start off my No Libs Series with that later on this week. Any one have any tips for places to hit in No Libs?

And do you want to volunteer for Live Arts? Email me at

The To-Eat List
Bar Ferdinand
Honey’s Sit and Eat
A Full Plate
Brown Betty

Been There, Dug That
Standard Tap
Silk City


e said...

The Palm Tree Market and Cacia's are great for sandwiches and salads when you want something quick and to take away with you. Also Paesano's on Girard between 2nd and Front has great pork and beef sandwiches and was just recently named best italian hoagie in the city. You're going to love eating here!

kitchenplay said...

Yes to all of your suggestions, but especially Paesanos. I definitely need to try that. Yes, I am very pleased with this new terrain.

Holly H. said...

Modo Mio
North 3rd has great brunch

kitchenplay said...

I had forgotten about Modo Mio. Add it to the list!