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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Brew Alert

Word from Brew is they could be selling beer by Thursday! Stay tuned...

Grub Street just got the word from Aaron as of a few hours ago. The word is "snags"... various snags seem to be preventing those lonely refrigerators from getting stocked with beer. In the meantime, we have delicious Counter Culture coffee and 4 Worlds Bakery baguettes to sweeten the wait.

Apparently protesting is one of the aforementioned snags. As a Newbold resident, albeit one a few blocks from Brew, I'm curious to know who is up in arms against the place. I wonder if the Newbold Neighbors Association could be of assistance. They were definitely helpful with getting
Lucky Old Souls moving along.


Anonymous said...

Evidently not:

kitchenplay said...

What a bummer!