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Monday, June 15, 2009

What Do Brew and DiBruno Bros. Have in Common?

Before leaving for a long weekend trip to Durham, I made a stop at Brew. The trip was two-fold. I needed a caffeine fix before the 7 hour drive started and I wanted to tell Aaron that I was planning on visiting the Counter Culture Roastery for my first coffee cupping. Just as I was about to leave, in walked a man who introduced himself as the grandson of the original DiBruno Bros. Turns out that Brew is located in the original DiBruno storefront. The grandson, whose name I'm forgetting, offered to show Aaron some of the old pictures his family has of the original store, which was just below where the family also lived.

Mike of Mike's Bikes was there too and we both chimed in that a Brew/DiBruno tie-in event would be excellent idea. Maybe a Beer and Cheese Night once the liquor license is set up?

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