it's okay to play with your food

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brew/Ultimo Open for Business

I'm writing you from the newest addition to the Newbold landscape, Brew/Ultimo. kitchenplay readers know that I have been eagerly anticipating this opening. To my left is a smooth and delicious cup of coffee from the microlot of Ariel Pajoy. Farmers like Ariel bring their beans to the La Golondrina coffee project in Cauca, Colombia. The coffee beans that meet a certain standard are separated from the others and sold as separate microlots. Ariel's beans met that standard. Brew/Ultimo offers four other coffees that are hand-brewed when you order them. Co-owner Aaron Ultimo puts on a little show for you when he systematically runs hot water through the grounds in a beautiful ceramic filter.

The beauty of Brew/Ultimo is that it offers two of my favorite beverages under one roof: coffee and beer. The liquor license should come through in about a month. Till then, the row of industrial refrigerators stands empty. But when the license does go through, we'll have a great selection of boutique beers-to-go from which to choose, curated by John Longacre from SPTR.

Food options include simple baguette sandwiches and pastries from Four Worlds Bakery, brownies from B.T. Baking and chocolates from R + D Chocolate, all local businesses. I’m eating a triple crème brie and sliced apple sandwich on a soft and delicious baguette.

Good food and beverage aside, I am so excited to have Brew/Ultimo in Newbold. This neighborhood has a lot to offer, but it was missing a place like this, a place where people can congregate at all hours of the day, spend as little or as much as they want, and enjoy the neighborhood. Plus, it is clear that Ultimo brings a great deal of respect and love for what he is doing, where he is doing it and for whom he is doing it. I’ve seen a wide variety of people come in over the past couple hours and it seems I'm not the only one feeling the love.

It's good to be home.