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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Brew Post on uwishunu

Picture an airy coffee shop serving individually hand-dripped coffees made from beans cultivated on small farms in Colombia. That coffee called Ariel Pajoy? Ariel Pajoy is the farmer who grew those beans.
Now imagine this same place also sells between 400 and 600 microbrew beers to-go, a selection curated by the same man behind beer hotspot, the South Philly Tap Room.
You can stop dreaming, because it’s here. It’s called Brew, one part coffee shop(known as Ultimo Coffee at Brew) and one part bottle shop, and it’s the latest addition to the Newbold neighborhood in South Philly. While the combination of beer and coffee under one roof would seem to be a no-brainer, Brew is the most cohesive
partnership of the two beverages to come to Philly.
Ultimo Coffee at Brew is a relaxing neighborhood coffee shop, but also a destination for people who take their coffee seriously. Ultimo showcases coffees from all over the world, many from the La Golondrina coffee project in Colombia.
Coffees are made in small batches until 11 am, after which they are hand-dripped to order. Customers choose from among 5 different coffee varieties, the majority of which come from microlots: a practice of culling the best coffee beans from batches
submitted to the La Golondrina coffee project. By going to cuppings - the coffee version of a wine tasting - Ultimo brought the coffees that he found truly exceptional to Brew.
Such attention to quality extends to the food offerings as well. Ultimo serves up excellent small bites, primarily from local food purveyors. Bread and pastries come from Four Worlds Bakery, brownies hail from BT Brownies, and r + d
chocolates provide truffles
. Simple sandwiches on Four Worlds baguettes include triple cream brie with apples and honey or goat cheese, arugula and olive tapenade. The sandwich options, like the coffee, will be seasonal.
The beer area of Brew is currently a line of empty refrigerators along the back wall. The liquor license is still in the application process, but SPTR’s John Longacre hopes to have the beer side of Brew open by his Wheat Beer Fest on June 27st. Expect an excellent collection of microbrews to fill up that row of refrigerators.
And when they do, stop by on a Saturday night for your six-pack of Founder’s or Yard’s; then return Sunday morning for that much needed caffeine pick-me-up. Why hasn’t this come to Philly sooner?

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