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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strawberry Jam!

So my 2009 Food-to-Do including jamming. My trip this morning to Reading Terminal Market included the purchase of three pounds of strawberries and two pounds of plums. See where this is going?

I haven't found a recipe yet but I trust that strawberries and plums will taste and look lovely together. My first stop for a possible recipe will be
Food in Jars, local writer Marisa McClellan's blog about, well, jars with food inside of them. (Her blog was even recently featured on The Kitchn!)

Does anyone have any advice for a novice jammer? Or a great recipe to share?


e said...

I just made tons of raspberry/lime and strawberry jam.

kitchenplay said...

Oooh, raspberry lime sounds awesome. I kinda want a raspberry lime spritzer right now!