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Thursday, May 7, 2009

kitchenplay Event Tonight!

kitchenplay is hosting a night out at Angelo's BBQ in Fort Worth tonight. Angelo's is said to have some of the best BBQ in town, with a menu and decor that hasn't changed much since it's opening in 1958. And it looks like we'll have a good sized group, which means many tasting opportunities!


Alyssa Cooper said...

Man....of course you had to get your BBQ fix while in Texas...but this little vegetarian is quite sad it's not somewhere that I might have a fighting chance of finding something to eat ;). Have fun, doll.

kitchenplay said...

I'm sorry babe! :( There's always mac n' cheese though!

Envirocycle Composter said...

I love Angelo's BBQ. They have the best BBQ in town!!!