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Friday, May 22, 2009

Gelato Coma

I started this post on Tuesday, after returning home from my first visit to the new Capogiro on E. Passyunk. Three words into the post, I shut down, my body overwhelmed by the copious amounts of gelato consumed within the previous hour. I can't blame it entirely on the gelato... there had been a tasting of a soon-to-be-released spirit and a sandwich from Cafe Ole earlier in the evening. But it was the gelato that did me in. Specifically, my brother's Turkish coffee and chocolate frappe.

The new Capogiro didn't disappoint on most fronts. It is beautiful, with a small courtyard in the back, sexy blue chairs, stained glass windows and a marble bar for enjoying your ice cream and/or coffee. Nestled in between Paradiso and the newly opened Michael's Cafe, it feels like you've stumbled onto a little set piece from La Dolce Vita.

But it was the gelato that, yet again, didn't do it for me. I went old school, with a small cup of chocolate and vanilla. They both tasted good, but the vanilla was more like marshmallow fluff in consistency than gelato. And it didn't taste much different. A sample of the Black Grape reminded me of soap. And the Turkish coffee, while tempered by the chocolate in the frappe, was strong in an unpleasant way, with irritating grounds getting stuck in my teeth.

But was this my last jaunt to Capogiro? Mmmmm... no. Capogiro is like that old boyfriend you keep going back to, the one you know is going to disappoint in the end, but he's so pretty and you have such high hopes for him that you want to believe it's going to be different this time. And sometimes it is different and other times... it's kind of a bust, but because he's so pretty and you have such high hopes for him... etc. etc. etc.

Capogiro, I just can't quit you.

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