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Monday, March 23, 2009

Texas Redux

I leave for another gig with Ft. Worth Opera this coming weekend. That means six weeks of hotel living and cowboys while working as an assistant director for FWO. Surprisingly, for all my northeast jadedness, I really liked Texas when I worked there last year. Not surprisingly, I'm really psyched for the food... bbq, awesome onion rings, paletas, these crazy good doughnuts I got on my birthday, queso, Central Market...

As I gear up to leave on Sunday, I figured I would pull out my Texas posts from the kitchenplay archives. I never did get around to sharing my food love for Austin, but it is plentiful and strong, so I promise to get to it soon.

My quest to understand the taste behind the man at the Dr. Pepper Museum in Waco.

A lazy blogger's run-down of some of the good food I had in Ft. Worth.


burgerbaroness said...

Oh man you totally got to me first, I also found it great to meet you. I am very jealous of your extended time in Texas. Oh the food, they know how to eat!

kitchenplay said...

Oh man, I'm really excited. What should my first meal be??? Tex-Mex or BBQ??? Decisions, decisions!