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Monday, March 23, 2009


So yes, we made it to ScrappleFest. And yes, I consumed more scrapple in one afternoon than I have in my entire life. It was actually really fun. A never ending ring of scrapple fans circled around the sample stations of multiple scrapple makers, including Dietz and Watson, Leidy's and the folks behind Vrapple.

Mike and I liked Leidy's the best... it had a strong sage flavor, which was nice, and wasn't nearly as salty as the others we tried. I honestly wasn't that impressed with Vrapple, though I love the idea. It had a crumbly texture that I didn't like, and not as much spice flavor as I was looking for.

I was very impressed, however, with the wares of Leah Mackin, a local screenprinter. I bought her set of five scrapple character magnets, each one celebrating a famous Philadelphian in scrapple-form: Betsy Ross, an Amish girl, Rocky, Ben Franklin and the Fresh Prince.

Mike and I had toyed with bringing our homemade scrapple for a throw-down. In retrospect, I wish we had, if only because few people seemed to believe we actually made it from scratch. (Yeah, there was some bragging to our fellow scrapple-eaters in line. So what?)

Is this the end of my adventures in scrapple? Likely not. I can't say I love eating the stuff, but it still encompasses two of my favorite food genres: regional cuisines and the ridiculous.

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