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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

First Philly Food Blogger Potluck

One of the awesome things about the Philly food blogging scene is that... well... there IS a scene. For instance, the writers behind the blogs come together for potlucks every few months. Well, kitchenplay's first potluck is this Friday and I'm blanking on what to make. Obviously, I feel a bit of pressure to prepare something great. I'm also thinking that I should stick to something I know will come out well.

But here's the glitch. It's Friday at 6:30, meaning I really need to make something on Thursday night that will also travel well, quite possibly in my bike basket.

I set up a poll at left to collect some suggestions. Have I made something for you in the past that you really loved? Have I posted about a recipe on kitchenplay that you think would turn out well? Any help would be much appreciated, if only to narrow down the possibilities to a more manageable handful. The poll will close tomorrow (Thursday) at 5pm!

Update: With cupcakes and white bean dip tied, my own lazyness and pragmatism reigned. I made the dip. Garnished with fried sage leaves and served with pita triangles, it came out pretty well. Next time I'll make it earlier and let it sit overnight.


Anonymous said...

maybe for this, you can spring the 9 bucks for a cab.

i wouldn't want ur dish to wind up all over 16th and lombard.

Elaine said...

Go with the ziti if you know there will be meat eaters there. I made it using your recipe last night and was awarded homemaker of the year.

e said...

I vote for White Bean Dip, mainly because the last potluck was very heavy on the sweet side. But, I'd still eat one of your cupcakes. Maybe two.

Sarah said...

you definitely need to do something from your blog! I am biased towards all the stellar ones I have tried. your crostinis seem delectable for party nibbling. all your cupcakes and cakes seem like such a kk-signature, although not the friendliest to carry by bike. hmm...whatever it is, it will surely be yum!

albert said...

lovely to meet you at the potluck and also nice to run into you at RTM today!

kitchenplay said...

Thanks Albert! Same here!