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Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Happy Homemaker

I really love throwing theme parties... whether it be Halloween, the state of Ohio, the state of Texas, or my own recent foray into domesticity, I love a good party with fun food potential.

So this week is my housewarming party, co-hosted by my two housemates. They are responsible for the beverage portion of the evening; I am taking control of the food. In honor of the new house, I am building a menu around popular foods of the fifties/sixties, a time associated with the savvy American homemaker. The menu shall include:

Cola Cake
Apple Cake
Spinach Dip
Ranch Dip
Lil' Smokey Cheeseball
Lil' Sweetie Cheeseball (I'm making this up. Wish me luck!)
Pigs in a Blanket
Deviled Eggs

Any suggestions? Recipes and photos forthcoming.

In the meantime, check out this video from, 1958. It's awash in the hues, sounds and modern conveniences of the fifties!


Cellis said...

YEEEEEEE first comment
well, I wish I were there!

See ya!

Sarah said...

Amazing!! You surely are quite the proper host. I so wish I was going to be there for the festivities. Divine...

g said...

It's a bit late to offer this now, and I fear they don't necessarily fit with this theme anyway, but S did some of the same musing prior to our joing Hallowe'en party, and she discussed it (with several good suggestions from a college friend of hers) here:

-- gr