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Friday, October 24, 2008

Indonesian in Newbold

I'm a bit late in posting this... but last Friday's Inky showcased two Indonesian restaurants in my part of South Philly, Newbold. I've only been to Hardena (just three blocks from my house!) and can attest that it is awesome. The unassuming storefront gives no hint as to the delicious food inside. For $6, you get a mound of hot rice and a choice of three dishes to go on top. I tend to go with the coconut beef, yellow curry fish and tofu/tempeh. On my last visit, I shared a plate of lamb satay swimming in a most authentic peanut sauce (also only $6). Overall, their sauces are thick and rich, the meat tender.

The only downside is that their hours are a mystery. I went there with friends last Friday (the day of their glowing review) at 8:30 to find the doors shut. Plus, I believe they are also closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

So check out the review below and let me know when you want to go to either place. I am up for trying Indonesian Restaurant but I suspect my heart will always belong to Hardena.


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