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Friday, February 1, 2008

Rainy Days and Black Bean Whiskey Soup

As I think about my evening plans- gym, soup making, dancing- two out of the three are threatened by the downpour outside. But one is perfectly in keeping with the weather. My friend Samara is the one who introduced me to the pairing of black beans and whiskey. Her black bean dip is an addictive combination of beans, whiskey and chipotles. The whiskey adds an unexpected smokiness. This soup is inspired by her dip.

But first a disclaimer about my recipe making process. I basically make stuff up. My favorite way to cook is when I show up at someone's house and just start pulling ingredients out of their fridge and pantry, seeing how various elements match up. I don't always have exact measurements when it comes to cooking but guidelines for how things should look and taste. This is where the aspect of play comes into effect...

Black Bean Whiskey Soup

Please refer to the updated recipe above.

The objective is balance, of taste and color. The yellow corn, green cilantro and red peppers/tomatoes are a contrast to the dark beans.

If I remember anything else tonight, I'll add an update. And I need to fix my digital camera, but expect photos in the future.

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Vincent said...

I'm making these right now! I can't wait until they're done! :)