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Friday, October 2, 2009

First Person Arts (and Eats)

My latest gig is with the awesome organization First Person Arts. I'm coordinating volunteers for their Festival of Memoir and Documentary Art, taking place November 3 - 8. kitchenplay was one of the first things we talked about in my job interview, in part because food is a topic prominently showcased throughout the festival. A number of events focus on food and food writing, including a preview event with Gourmet editor, Ruth Reichl. How could I not share all of this with you?

First Taste Preview Dinner with Ruth Reichl
Monday, October 26

Supper Restaurant

Enjoy a four-course dinner from Supper chef Mitch Prensky and hear about Reichl's life with food from the woman herself.

Edible World: Foobooz Burger Cruise
Tuesday, November 3

Meet in the lobby of 1 S. Broad St

Foobooz editor Arthur Etchells leads a tour of burger eats around town.

America Eats
Wednesday, November 4

The Painted Bride

Food writer Pat Willard took up where a WPA-era writer left off: documenting the regional cuisines of the United States. Join her for a presentation of her findings over a buffet of traditional American eats.

The Girl from Foreign
Sunday, November 8
The Painted Bride

noon to 2pm

Sadia Shepard discusses her memoir, The Girl from Foreign, and presents a screening of her film, In Search of the Bene Israel, telling the tale of her personal journey through her Jewish Indian heritage. Her story is rounded out by Indian food from Ekta Indian Restaurant.

Ticket prices and more information can be found here. I'll be reminding you about these events closer to the actual dates too.

And if you're interested in volunteering with the Festival, write me at!


e said...

It seems strange to me that someone or something other than Burger Club Philly would/could lead a burger tour around Philly. Not that Art doesn't know his food, but really, an entire club was formed devoted to eating burgers!

kitchenplay said...

You guys should join in! And seriously, how do I join the club?