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Friday, August 15, 2008


So I have to buy a refrigerator. The house doesn't come with one. In my original offer, I asked for one (and a washer/dryer). In my counter-counter offer, I took all appliances off the table. It worked, since he accepted the offer. It just means I am suddenly in the market for a fridge.

For some reason, this feels more adult to me than buying a house.

If I had my druthers (and around $4K), I would get a Northstar:

I have neither my druthers nor $4K. Instead, I have fairly low standards and $200.

I have a few options on the table. I could always purchase one from a Lowes/Sears/Home Depot kind of place. But that doesn't feel super great with me, especially since I am trying to furnish the majority of the house with used things. And they tend to be more than $200.

My friends Kate and Dom told me about a place that buys used appliances and refurbs them: Appliance Warehouse ( I spoke to the owner yesterday and he was super friendly. It helps that I want a basic unit: white, freezer on top, nothing fancy or special needed. I just need to figure out all the different door measurements, though we will most likely have to take the fridge doors off its hinges to get it in the house. Philadelphia rowhomes are notorious for their narrow doorways.

He actually said he had a nice unit coming in next Friday (with an ice maker! how adult is that???) that would probably work. Cost: around $200.

Another possibility is buying one off of a client of my real estate agent's. The client is closing on a house later this month and wants to get all stainless steel appliances for the house. The fridge is fine, but just not the right look. My agent thinks that might be able to come my way for around $100. We still haven't heard back from the client.

I just want something that will keep my food cold. That's really it.

If you have my druthers and $4K...

If you have a sense of social responsibility and a budget...

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Andrew said...

Wow. Wouldn't a mint green kitchen be just divine? Also, congratulations on all the new home stuff. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

On the culinary tip, next week is the Minnesota State Fair! I'm all ready to gobble up some spaghetti-and-meatballs-on-a-stick and chocolate-dipped-bacon. I'm photodocumenting the adventure-- I'll keep you posted.