it's okay to play with your food

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The List

What Daniel and I have consumed in New Orleans since Thursday... more to follow...

Abita amber beer
Alligator, fried with chili aioli
Alligator Pie
Cafe au lait
Cheese grits
Chicken livers, fried with mint pepper jelly
Cochon du lait po-boy
Cochon du lait with turnips, cabbage and cracklin
Crawfish beignets
Crawfish pie
Dulce de leche ice cream
French 75
Rabbit and dumplings
Red Beans and Rice with Hot Sausage
Shrimp mache choux
Shrimp po-boy
Strawberry cobbler with ginger biscuits


Zander said...

that is an incredible assortment of very exotic sounding food. I don't even know what half of it is! wow, I'm jealous.

kitchenplay said...

don't worry, explanations (and photos) are forthcoming. all will be revealed...