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Saturday, May 30, 2009

RIP Merl's

Merl's South Philly Breakfast Spot, only recently featured in both kitchenplay and City Paper, is now closed. The exact circumstances are unclear, something about a new building owner, but the final result came swiftly and decisively. Merl's is no more.

Feldie and I heard rumors of a possible closing, so we went there for breakfast (and information gathering) this morning. Instead of being greeted by pencil drawings of the Obama family and a busy breakfast counter, we found shuttered windows and chairs for sale.

The possibility still exists that Merl will find another place to cook up her amazing pancakes and hash browns, but nothing is definite. If you are around 16th and Dickinson now, Merl and company are still there, tying up loose ends. Stop by and say thanks.

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